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Little Miss Cutie Shirt

Hi all!

A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep through pure sewing inspiration and motivation.  So I got some of my sewing scraps together and let creativity guide me.  And this is what was produced… a cropped slouch shirt aka Little Miss Cutie Shirt. 

So the inspiration for the Little Miss Cutie shirt is my scraps of floral fabric and summer days. 


What you’ll need:

Cute floral fabric – I had an odd shared piece of fabric I had to work with, in saying that I would suggest all you need is half a meter if even


Sewing machine

Overlocker – however it can be done without an overlocker


Dressmaker model

What you’ll need to do:

The first thing you’ll need to do is create the pattern.  Pin your fabric to the dressmaker model and trim into shape.  Keep in mind this is where you create the base shape and leave the finer details to later. 

Ensure that your pattern is symmetrical by folding it in half and trimming.  

Next pin to the dressmaker model and refine your pattern.  I found I had to trim the side as I made the slouch to circular. 

Next cropped your shirt to your desired length.  I have quite a short body so I find trying on the pattern so far helps me to get the right length for me.  Ensure you get an even hemline.  I have pined the hemline to help with this. 

Fold in half and trim.  Remember that folding the pattern in half  helps keep your pattern symmetrical.  

Sew sides of front shirt and back shirt right sides together.  Sew arm straps right side together.  I used an overlocker to do this, if you don’t have an overlocker you can overcast the raw edges.  Overcastting is simply using a zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying. 

Cut the front shirt down the centre, in preparation for neatening. 

Neaten hemline and sleaves by over locking raw edges. 

Then press towards the inside and stitch. 

Create your own matching bias tape by cutting 2 strips of fabric on the diagonal grain of the fabric. 

Next iron your bias tape.  Iron the sides longways to meet in the middle.  Then iron folding in half longways. 

Stitch your bias tape onto the raw edge and trim the excess.  

Next create your collar.  Trim your fabric to fit the curve of the neckline.

Then sketch the scalloped shape and cut.  Follow the same process for the back of the collar. 

Next cut the lining for the collar.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough scraps of fabric to do the lining in the same fabric but I would suggest it.  Lay your collar pieces over lining, pin and cut. 

Sew front collar pieces to back collar on both fabric and lining. 

Pin collar to lining right sides together.  Sew the scalloped edge together. 

Fold right side out and press. 

Pin right side of collar to the wrong side of shirt and over-lock. 

Next add buttons and button-holes.

I hope you like it!!  If my instructions were a little confusing let me know and I can try to improve my instructions. 

Here is my Little Miss Cutie Shirt:

Just for fun, here is what i originally made with the fabric:


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