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Jacket Vest/Dress

Hi Again!

As the summer pinks are turning into the winter greys my wardrobe needs to make an adjustment.  In an attempt to limit my spending I’m transferring some of my summer clothes to winter woolies.  I’m taking a vintage jacket and turning it into a great winter outfit - jacket vest/dress and thermals.  


My inspiration for this is the change in weather, recycling fashion and the gorgeous Givenchy S/S 12 look featured below.  


What you’ll need:

  • Vintage Jacket
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine (and thread)
  • Scissors

What you’ll need to do:

how to

Step 1: Unpick the seam between the sleeve and body of the jacket.  

Step 2: Try on the jacket to see where you would like the armholes to sit.  Use pins to mark the desired armhole and then cut.  Use the excess material from the armhole to measure the opposite armhole and pin as before.  Then cut.

Step 3: Iron in the raw edges.  Pin and then stitch.  


Jacket Vest/Dress 1

Jacket Vest/Dress 2

Hope you like it!!


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