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Hi!!  Long time no post. 

So todays DIY in inspired by Anna Davern's Pear Diamond Earrings.  I saw a picture of these amazing earrings on Pinterest awhile ago and went about making them.  It didn't occur to me until yesterday that the earrings aren't actual crystals beads, however I had already made my Swarovski crystal bead version.  Plus the Swarovski crystals look amazing when the light hits them.  

What you’ll need: Wire, pliers, strong glue, 2 blank stud posts, 2 large Swarovski crystal faceted drop beads and 2 small Swarovski crystal faceted drop beads. 

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Cut a small piece of wire.  
  2. Shape wire into a U.  Thread on beads, one size on each side of the U.  Trim excess wire and butt ends.
  3. Glue stud posts to the top end of the small bead.  

Tahh dahh!!! Easy as that! Hope you like them. XX

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