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This is the first instalment of a 3 part DIY skirt post.  I’ll be posting up 3 DIY skirts including a semi circle skirt, full circle skirt and box pleat skirt, with a few tips and tricks a long the way.  Today’s post is the semi circle skirt and one of my favourites.  If you do this skirt in denim it will look like the American Apparel denim circle skirt.  You can always sew this skirt without lining.  I had to use lining because my fabric was a little see through but oh so cute! 

What you’ll need: 1.5m of fabric (and lining if needed), 20cm zip, matching thread, scissors, tailors chalk, measuring tape, pins, iron and sewing machine. 

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Fold your fabric in half.  On the corner where you folded tape a piece of string - you use this to draw a circle for your waist and hem line.  Using your tailors chalk and string draw a line half of  the length of your waist measurement, then cut.  From the waist line along the edge of your fabric measure the desired length of your skirt (I like to tie a knot in the string to mark this length so when I’m drawing the hem line I know the length stays even).  Using the string to guide you draw the hem line with the tailors chalk and cut.  Repeat this process with the lining.  Neaten the raw edges of the side seams (this is optional, I always love to neaten everything). 
  2. Next is the zip.  Place the zip wrong side down on the side seam of your fabric with the fabric facing right side up.  Then place the lining wrong side down, pin and stitch.  Repeat this process for the other side of the zip.  Pin together the remaining side seam of the lining and stitch.  Repeat this process with the fabric.  At the base of the zip stitch a small horizontal line to keep the zip in place.  
  3. Stitch the waist of the fabric and lining together in preparation for the waist band.  Cut a waistband out the length of your waist plus a bit extra for a button and seam allowance.  Iron in the all edges about 1cm.  Fold waistband in half length ways and iron.  Trim the inside corners of the waistband.  
  4. Place skirt inside the waistband, pin and stitch.  Sew buttonhole on the extra flap of the waistband.  Sew on button to match position of the buttonhole.  For both fabric and lining overlock or overcast (zigzag) hem line.  Iron and fold hem 1cm inwards and stitch.  I would not neaten your hem by folding the fabric over twice and stitching as this will cause the hem to pucker because it is a curved edge.  Tahh dahhh!
Hope you like it! XX
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